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Why Do You Need to Maintain Your Car’s Exhaust and Tyres Regularly?

Owning a car comes with a lot of responsibilities, especially when it comes to maintenance. The engine bay, exhaust and tyres need regular servicing or replacement (if needed). In fact, a poorly maintained car might often lead to bigger problems and higher repair bills.

Besides irregular service & repair, most of the owners focus a lot on keeping the aesthetics, engine and brakes in pristine condition. Though these are important, the exhaust system and the tyres need periodic servicing and repair too.

Missed out the health check for the exhaust and tyres all this while? Here are a few tips on how you could maintain your tyres to increase its longevity and improve the performance of the car.

Too inflated or deflated?

Keeping an optimum tyre air-pressure is important. Over or under-inflated tyres can have adverse effects on the performance of the car. For example, under-inflated tyres would bring fuel mileage down drastically.

Tyre life

The life of tyres depends on the way they are used. Tyres from popular brands use good quality rubber compounds that are strong and durable. On the other hand, extreme driving, drifting on corners and hard braking can wear out the tread, resulting in the loss of road grip. If this is what you are concerned about, it is a great idea to replace your tyres as and when required.

Choosing the right tyre

The stock tyres offered by the brand is the best as they are well-suited for the purpose the car is built for. Hence, if you need to change the tyres, it is highly recommended to go for the original.

Exhaust Maintenance

The exhaust of your car, by any means, should not be overlooked. If it generates a loud roaring sound, it is a sign that it needs to be checked by a mechanic right away. Proper functioning of the exhaust increases fuel efficiency. If you are doing far too many rounds at the petrol station, you may want to visit the repair center immediately. If your car smells foul, it could well possibly mean that the exhaust pipes are clogged. Don’t wait until an unmanageable situation. Visit the car mechanic, today!

To make sure that your car is in the best possible condition, take it for service and maintenance at regular intervals. Wardie Motors, here in Dorset, is a well-known name when it comes to service & repair. Book an appointment or walk-in to our garage, today.